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Energy Footprinting

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Our goal is twofold: first, to increase awareness of energy consumption in commercial buildings and public spaces, and second, to distribute intelligent, personalized, and realtime suggestions for saving energy.

There are plenty of solutions for homes such as nest, smart appliances etc to monitor usage and keep consumption at check, since the user pays the bill. However, most of our time is spent at offices or universities where we are not aware of the impact, our actions have on the building's energy usage. There is currently no way for the user to gain knowledge of his/her consumption and how he/she could help save energy.

Our research is an effort to facilitate this by providing every user with a real-time energy footprint and intelligent, personalized suggestions to provide users with actionable feedback.


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how our project works

process flow

  • energy monitoring
  • user experience
  • data analysis
  • suggestions

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participate in our study

A major portion of our research focuses on user-centric optimizations to help save energy. We need your help to test, evaluate and improve our system. We would be greatful if you could help us out by participating in our study. The study is very non-intrusive and user friendly. We also hope to provide you with small rewards for helping us out.

Being fellow researches, we believe you would understand the importance of user study and how you would be able to contribute to the research community. If you are willing to participate in our study, please go through and fill up the form below and we will co-ordinate with you.

Finally, if you would like to read our privacy policy, you can access it here: Privacy Policy

  • Our study will be performed over the course of five weeks in May/June of 2018. The study will be as non-intrusive as possible, in order to not interfere with daily work schedules.

  • Participants will receive four types of recommendations through the mobile application: move location, shift schedule, reduce plugmeter consumption, and lift/lower shade. Participants can choose to accept or reject each recommendation.

  • For accepting a recommendation, participants will be rewarded with points which go towards any number of rewards, including Amazon gift cards and coffee.

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You can find us on the App Store! Just search “ICSL Energy” on the App Store, or scan the QR code:



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