Posture Helper

It is a system which could help people develop healthy

sitting posture and eye care habits without physical therapy


Nowadays, most people spend more than 8 hours sitting at the desk, and bad posture could result in disease like chronic fatigue syndrome, cervical spondylosis, heart and breathing related problems.

Different Postures



Embedded System: we use IR distance sensor to obtain data. Five behind user, working together to define a sitting posture. One in front of the user to prevent near sight.

Sensors and OLED Screen

Android app: Our app can show user's sitting habit with plots in detail.

Cloud:use the machine learning model trained before to judge what kind of posture it is from the data posted by Huzzah.

Accuracies for different machine learning models

Technical Components

IR distance sensor


Traditional wearable posture corrector brace may have bad influence on dressing aesthetics, and don’t offer personalized correcting function.


The OLED screen displays the user's realtime posture.
The first line shows the user's sitting posture. The second lines tells if the user is stting too close to the screen.


lean back

good posture

Android app draws a chart based on user's sitting habbit.

Feel free to see our codes!

Our Team

Yu Zheng

Embedded System

Ruixuan Zhang

Android App

Sun Mao



Ruixuan Zhang:
Yu Zheng:
Sun Mao: +1 (646)662-3887

Columbia University Department of Electrical Engineering
Class Website: Columbia University EECS E4764 Fall '16 IoT
Instructor: Professsor Xiaofan (Fred) Jiang