Magic Wand

Do you hope to live in a magical world?
Do you hope to use a magic wand to make impossible happen?
Here we will show you a new digital magic world.

A digital wand with the movement tracing. Generate the trajectory of wand
and display them from AR for a new communication method. And provided the
base for further application includes electronic device control, AR application.


Inspired by AR applications, we hope to combine AR with IOT to generate something new.
And we think of providing a connection between digital world and real world.
Giving people the ability to easily control and participate in the modification of digital world by our magic wand.
AR will be the method for merging digital world and real world.


Remember to use combination of descriptions, photos, and figures


Wand Components

AWS Server

Android Application


Remember to use figures to help illustrate results



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Our Team

Heng Ji

Columbia University Master student.
Department of Electrical Engineering

Li Li

Columbia University Master student.
Department of Electrical Engineering

Yihan Zhao

Columbia University Master student.
Department of Electrical Engineering


Heng Ji:
Li Li:
Yihan Zhao:
Columbia University Department of Electrical Engineering
Class Website: Columbia University EECS E4764 Fall '16 IoT
Instructor: Professsor Xiaofan (Fred) Jiang