Memory Map

Memory Map is an ambitious project that aims at providing a beautiful, compact and inspiring way of visualizing and sharing your musics and photos memories


The world has never been closer to us than today. Over 3 billion people travel around the globe each year, mobile phones can take pictures of better resolutions than most digital cameras, and the cloud can store petabytes of data. Sadly we forget most of the time those beautiful travels and music emotions we felt at the time. All this golden data is hidden into the cloud and we believe that we can make a better use of it. Nothing gives more satisfaction than remembering those delightful moments and sharing them with people. With memory map, that is possible at the touch of a finger. You will never forget it.


Remember to use combination of descriptions, photos, and figures


Hardware architecture

  • 19 RGB LEDs PWM controlled from the Pi's GPIO #18
  • Brightness, temperature and noise sensors SPI connected on the Pi
  • 2 capacitive touch chips I2C wired on the Pi

Cloud architecture

  • Spotify API to stream the user's favorite music in each country he travelled to
  • Google Maps Geocoding API to make map the lattitude, longitude couple to the corresponding region
  • Billboard API: if the user is not on Spotify we make a call to this API in order have the top 10 songs for a given country and a given date range

Technical Components

x19 RGB LEDs
Noise sensor
2 capacitive touch sensors
1x ADC
19x Laser cut acrylic regions
19x aluminium layers on each region
1x Raspberry Pi 3
1x 7'' TFT screen


First prototype


Memory Map front
Memory Map back


  • Adafruit Neopixel libraries
  • Spotipy documentation
  • Google Maps API documentation
  • Picasa Web API documentation

Our Team


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Columbia University Department of Electrical Engineering
Class Website: Columbia University EECS E4764 Fall '16 IoT
Instructor: Professsor Xiaofan (Fred) Jiang