Past Students

M.S. Research Students

meRishikanth Chandrasekaran
Pursuing Masters in Computer Engineering

 “Never argue with the data.”

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IMG-20150918-WA0022Aditya Bagri

MS in Electrical Engineering. Focus on Data Analytics, IoT and Embedded Systems.





Alt PicMaanit Mehra

MS, Electrical Engineering (Graduating: Dec 2016)
Computer Vision. Machine Learning. Data Analytics.

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Richa Glenn Netto

MS in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Intelligent Control, Embedded Systems and System Modeling.



headshotRaghavendra Sirigeri 

MS in Computer Engineering with a focus on Machine Learning and Data Analytics.





Gikku Stephen Geephilip

MS in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Embedded System Design, Parallel Programming and Image Processing

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Yan Lu

MS in Electrical Engineering with a focus on IOT and Cloud Computing





Aman Shankar

MS in Electrical Engineering

Undergraduate Research Students

Amir Lavi

Computer Science