2017 | ACM BuildSys ’17 / Delft, Netherlands
ePrints: A Real-Time and Scalable System for Fair Apportionment and Tracking of Personal Energy Footprints in Commercial Buildings
Peter Wei, Xiaoqi Chen, Jordan Vega, Stephen Xia, Rishikanth Chandrasekaran, and Xiaofan Jiang

2017 | ACM UbiComp ’17 / Maui, HI, USA
SPINDLES: A Smartphone Platform for Intelligent Detection and Notification of Leg Shaking
Stephen Xia, Yan Lu, Peter Wei, and Xiaofan Jiang

2016 | ACM BuildSys ’16 / Palo Alto, CA, USA
Adaptive and Personalized Energy Saving Suggestions for Occupants in Smart Buildings: Poster Abstract
Peter Wei, Xiaoqi Chen, Rishikanth Chandrasekaran, Fengyi Song, and Xiaofan Jiang

2016 | ACM SenSys ’16 / Palo Alto, CA, USA
SEUS: A Wearable Multi-Channel Acoustic Headset Platform to Improve Pedestrian Safety: Demo Abstract
Rishikanth Chandrasekaran, Daniel de Godoy, Stephen Xia, Md Tamzeed Islam, Bashima Islam, Shahriar Nirjon, Peter Kinget, and Xiaofan Jiang

2016 | IEEE SECON ’16 / London, UK
Image Analysis for Identifying Mosquito Breeding Grounds
Maanit Mehra, Aditya Bagri, Xiaofan Jiang, Jorge Ortiz