Xiaoqi (Danny) Chen

Visiting student from Tsinghua University.

About me:

Born in an age when internet first came to the daily life of general public, I see the connectedness of different devices as a vital component for future technology development of human kind. I am an undergraduate Computer Science student with enthusiasm in applying the cutting-edge knowledge to create new technology , to apply them, and finally to help people in their daily life.

My passion and enthusiasm lies at the crossroad of artificial intelligence and internet of things, where smarter machines with comprehensive sensors can affect our life in positive ways. The smart systems nowadays are sometimes overwhelmed by massive amount of data, which was all unavailable just a few short years back; it’s possible for us to utilize all these inputs to find creative, intelligent outputs, and I imagine a future where intelligence becomes more a friendly companion and less embodied in rigid machines.


I finished my High School in Guangzhou, an southern coastal city of China, before attending Tsinghua University for college. During those years I was fond at physics and robotics, as well as programming as a whole.

After my college life started at Beijing, I find technology less a place to showcase our ability to manage machines, more a method to develop artificial intelligence that helps us. Learning Computer Science also allows me to see all daily life frustrations in a technological perspective, and think about possible solutions from the “machine” side.

In Fall 2015 I come to visit ICSL lab at Columbia University, where I can substantialize my interest on intelligent systems and its presence in our daily life. I worked on the personal energy footprint project and lead authored a poster presentation, while also participated other ongoing projects briefly.

My expected graduation will be at Fall 2017.

Scholastic Achievements:

  • Second Place at Microsoft Beauty of Programming contest, 2014 & 2015
  • Fourth place at Tsinghua University Electrical Designing Contest, 2014
  • Gold Medal at Chinese National Physics Olympiad, 2012
  • Team Championship at RoboCup Junior world final, Soccer A, 2012