PAWS Receives Best Presentation Prize and Runner-Up Best App at IEEE VNC 2018

The PAWS pedestrian safety project was awarded the Runner-Up Best App award in the smartphone application contest at IEEE VNC ’18. In the demo portion of the contest, PhD student Stephen Xia demonstrated the full PAWS pedestrian safety system, which includes car detection and localization. He also discussed the entire process of creating the initial smartphone application + embedded headset system and integrating a newly developed ultra-low power ASIC to drastically reduce power consumption.

Additionally, Stephen was also awarded the Best Presentation Award for his compelling presentation of the technical aspects of the PAWS smartphone application.

The team was awarded a total of $2,500 for their efforts in the contest.

Congratulations to Stephen and the rest of the team!

For more information about the project, please visit the project page or the NSF project website.