Professor John Stankovic gives talk on wireless health at ICSL seminar

Technical Solutions Underlying Wireless Health Systems

Various types of wireless health systems have been deployed in 1000s of homes. Thousands of wellness apps are available for smart phones. However, the purpose, value, and capabilities of these systems span a very broad spectrum from the very general to the very specific. While the ultimate goal is good health, there are many underlying technical issues that must be solved. In this talk I present a collection of technical problems and solutions primarily for in-home health care and mobile based wellness apps. The technical topics addressed include: a flexible in-home sensor network and cloud architecture, called Empath, and its use with real patients, a multi-level semantic-based classification and anomaly detection subsystem, and controlling heart rate with music based on a PI controller. Dealing with realisms found in these systems is a main theme that runs throughout the talk. Open research questions are also mentioned throughout the talk.

Professor John A. Stankovic is the BP America Professor in the Computer Science Department at the University of Virginia. He served as Chair of the department, completing two terms (8 years).  He is a Fellow of both the IEEE and the ACM. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of York. He won the IEEE Real-Time Systems Technical Committee’s Award for Outstanding Technical Contributions and Leadership. He also won the IEEE Distributed Processing Technical Committee’s Award for Distinguished Achievement (inaugural winner). He has won seven best paper awards and several best paper runner-up awards in wireless sensor networks research. He is highly cited (h-index is 105) and presented many Invited Keynotes and Distinguished Lectures. Currently, he serves on the National Academy’s Computer Science and Telecommunications Board. He was awarded the University of Virginia’s, Distinguished Scientist Award (2015) and its School of Engineering Distinguished Faculty Award (2010). Before joining the University of Virginia, Professor Stankovic taught at the University of Massachusetts where he won an outstanding scholar award. He was the Editor-in-Chief for the IEEE Transactions on Distributed and Parallel Systems and was a founder and co-editor-in-chief for the Real-Time Systems Journal. His research interests are in wireless health, wireless sensor networks, cyber physical systems, real-time systems, and the Internet of Things. Prof. Stankovic received his PhD from Brown University.

Link: [Professor John A. Stankovic]