Students from Intelligent and Connected Systems class demo “smart” products

From self-driving cars to fitness-tracking watches, the Internet of Things (IoT) is exploding. By 2020, the number of wirelessly connected products on the planet is expected to grow from 5 billion today to nearly 21 billion. In a demo session this week, Columbia Engineering students presented their vision for the future.

A panel of judges singled out three projects for special recognition. AquaSafe, a pool monitoring system that alerts app users if someone falls in, received best demo. Smart Food Delivery, a system to expedite the preparation and pick up of take out, was recognized for best project. Smart Treadmill, a system that provides an optimal workout by synching the user’s heart rate with treadmill speed and playlist tempo, was cited for best presentation.

The course covered the hardware, software and cloud-computing infrastructure that lets sensors and devices collect, exchange and analyze data. Taught by Fred Jiang, an assistant professor of electrical engineering and a member of the Data Science Institute, it followed a graduate-level IoT course taught over the summer by electrical engineering professor and Institute member Zoran Kostic.

Demo videos and websites for all 10 projects are available on the course website: Intelligent and Connected Systems.