AvA and SIFTER Accepted to ACM/IEEE IPSN 2022

Two of our papers have been accepted for publication in ACM/IEEE IPSN 2022.

The first paper, titled “AvA: An Adaptive Audio Filtering Architecture for Enhancing Mobile, Embedded, and Cyber-Physical Systems”, introduces a novel audio filtering architecture that combines physics-based models of sounds and the expressability of machine learning models that allows developers to select specific sounds to enhance and/or filter out depending on their application needs.

The second paper, titled “A Low-Cost In-situ System for Continuous Multi-Person Fever Screening”, introduces an RGB-thermal camera-based system for continuously screening people walking by for fever. Unlike traditional methods, people do not need to stop to take measurements; our system leverages novel algorithms to find and map accurate features onto a 3D model of each person’s head to take more robust temperature measurements.

Congratulations to Stephen Xia, Kaiyuan Hou and the rest of team!