Undergraduate SURE fellows present their research at Columbia Amazon Symposium and win the Best Presentation Award

The SUER Program is a ten-week summer program during which undergraduate research fellows conduct full-time independent research.

Prof. Jiang (left) and Nia Cole (right) in the SURE Symposium

Nia Cole is a rising junior student from Vanderbilt University majoring in General Engineering with Concentration in Biomedical Engineering. In the summer, she worked on Digital Stethoscope for diagnosis with AR/VR Organ Guidance. This project is aiming to increase healthcare access because high costs, access to medical supplies, and access to trained medical professions will not act as a barrier for underserved communities. 

Alfonso Rivas is a rising junior student from Syracuse University majoring in Computer Engineering. In ICSL, he learned how to design and print 3D models for many ongoing projects in the lab. He primarily worked on SIFTER that enables rapid deployment of Low-Cost Scalable Fever Screening Network. This system offers a simpler way to measure temperature and determine a more accurate body temperature without disrupting people’s normal activities.

Prof. Jiang (left) and Alfonso Rivas (right) in the SURE Symposium
Nia Cole wins the Best Presentation Award. Helen Lu (left), Nia Cole (middle), and Shih-Fu Chang (right).